Sermon Notes

In the Furnace of Affliction

Isiah 48:10

Afflictions are often likened to fire, fire is used to purify or try metals, and afflictions have the same object in reference to the people of God.  The word translated “affliction” here has been variously rendered as oppression and humiliation. God uses trial, oppression and humiliating experiences in our lives to refine us and to purify our hearts. “I have refined thee…I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction (in the place of oppression and humiliation).” Testing times do come and shall yet come to the people of God. We will find ourselves in the furnace of affliction, oppression and humiliation so that the weak spots may be revealed and God can deal with them. .

  • In the furnace of affliction, we are purified
  • In the furnace of affliction, there is a required skill 
  • In the furnace of affliction, we are chosen

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